Everyone learned early on in childhood development the power of a “please” and “thank you.” Unless of course you were raised in a barn or have been living under a rock, you learned the value of thank you. This goes beyond knowing the right words because a well-placed thank you conveys thoughtfulness and appreciation to your clients. More than in any other industry, massage outlet in johor are in the business of building long term customer relationships. Thank yous’ are a vital part that creates both profitable and goodwill bonuses. We all know that if we do not take care of our clients, our competition will. Moreover, with all the day to day tasks to remember keeping as many items automated as much as possible allows you to build a stronger customer relationship continuously.

If you haven’t implemented a thank you email to follow up with each customer visit, not to worry, it is something that can be easily accomplished. Ideally, you would always want to include a Call To Action (CTA) with any marketing piece that you use. CTA’s do not still have to add a discount; on the contrary, a CTA has to have a perceived value to your customer. For instance, you could include with your follow up thank you email an image of your favorite exercises to help stretch the back and offer on their next visit to show them three more stretches to ease lower back pain between visits.

If you usually include that type of service, this can serve as a gentle reminder for your clients. This could be a powerful tool to endear your customers and let them know you are thinking of them more than when they are on your table. This also allows you an acceptable way to reach out and converse to your customers.

The stronger the CTA, the more likely a positive result you will receive. For instance, people like getting “free” items. You are the expert, your customers trust you, and so your knowledge is a higher perceived value for your customers. Whether you have just graduated from School or if you have been in business for years, you are more of an expert in your field and understand how muscles, tissues, tendons, and circulation of your client’s body more than they do. So, you can include some of your knowledge as helpful tools to empower your customers for healthier living and combine that with a professional product that will provide a specific benefit with that tool. Now you have provided a powerful and personal way to make a customer’s life better. For instance, if you were to share 10 of your favorite stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain with any purchase of Pain Relief Product on your NEXT visit. That would be considered a stronger CTA because you are not only sharing something personal but also sharing something that personally assists your customer in their wellness program.

Once you have the thank you process in place, consider the other greetings such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other acknowledgments as opportunities to reach out and talk to your customers. As your business progresses and your customers move to specific purchase levels with you, start to segment them to receive exclusive thank you gifts. Keep in mind you do not have to be a big spender naturally a generosity equal to the customer’s value to your business.

If this program seems like it would be too consuming or you’re wondering how you can implement this into your current practice, no fear there is time-saving tools like automated follow up emails and automated text messages that streamline this process for you. When you integrate these systems into your practice, you will no longer be thought of a friend who calls only when you need something. You will be appreciated and valued for making time to be sincere and human!